Legal experts.  Effective results. 

As a general practice civil law firm, Young & White provides a full-range of professional legal services to a wide spectrum of clients.  For more than 50 years, the firm has represented clients in courts across the country, while maintaining a philosophy of service reflective of its Midwestern values.  


Committed to your unique needs.

Integrity is the foundation of Young & White’s philosophy of service.  The firm’s goal is to understand each client’s unique needs, then to satisfy those needs through legal advice based on insights gained from decades of legal experience.  Young and White’s lawyers recognize the complex challenges faced by individuals, private and public entities today.  The resulting insight underlies Young & White’s commitment to delivering professional legal counsel in a pragmatic and timely manner. 

A tradition of trust.

Time is the ultimate test for a relationship, and a lengthy relationship is a testament to its strength. Many of Young & White’s attorney-client relationships have flourished under the test of time.  Current clients have looked to the lawyers of Young & White for professional legal advice for 20-years, 30-years and even 40-plus years. Young & White’s clients value the firm’s professional commitment to providing excellent legal services while adhering to fundamental ethical principles.